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Why Cultural & Values Education in Modern Age?

Today we can see children are excelling in academics & sports activities. but the same children sometimes we see fall into the well of depression. anxiety, insecurities. WHY? As on one hand, children are properly educated & trained in academics subjects & sports. but at the same time, the much-needed aspects of their personality remain unsharpened such as Emotional Quotient & Spiritual Quotient which deals with child internal self-characteristics.

Breaking the traditional way of learning

While we see the deliberate plan of the British was successful in breaking the Ancient Gurukul system of education & implementing the western education system. On the other hand today we see the western nations abandoning their methods of teaching as it has not proved to be fertile the goal of education & adopting the time-proven system of Gurukul Education which we Indians have abandoned under the falsehood of "SECULARISM" in schools. which only promotes scientific, mathematics & linguistic skills in a child while not focusing on the other essential aspects of character such as emotions, values, traditions, spirituality. If only we would have adopted our education system we could see these children turn into true the gems our nation.



41% of those committing suicides were under the age of 14-31 years

35849 Crimes were committed by juveniles in 2018

89% of drug addicts are educated and literate

48% of teen consider committing suicide

13% of teens are constantly under strain

Data as per National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) of India 

How we can help ?

Our Intervention can help this degrading education system with

Our Intervention can help this degrading education system with


designed programs for overall



Clear thoughts

Brighter Future

Mantra meditation for inner self

Self-rediscovery through

Bhagavad Gita 

Values based lessons from Indian Vedic scriptures

Successfully conducting programs for last 10 years

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