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Cultural Values Kids Club

During schools academic year

Cultural Values Kids Club is yearly club for children to enroll in schools & become members of the club, the Kids Club offers various values based sessions,activities & games to school children through its innovative approach of learn though fun value education based on lessons from India's treasure house of Vedic scriptures, Ramayan & Mahabharat, Bhagavad Gita, Upanisheds, Purans etc...

The unique curriculum brings timeless wisdom to the children of today. They draw inspiration from the life of personalities through the ages, and learn universal values that help them to build a strong moral foundation. It is on this base that they can stand confident, brave, and empathetic.





we are down to earth

& here to make a difference in the lives of others. Not to see how important we become.


we challenge the norm we have the courage to get the difficult jobs done.


we are intuitive to changing needs & respond quickly, we do this with energy, ideas & postivity.


we have natural Oompf...


people rarely succeed unless they are having fun. Happiness is healthy.

Duration : 1 Academic year

Time : 1 hour

When : Weekly once any day as per school convenience* 

Sessions : 1 Academic year

To know more about Kids Club for your school, contact us on 9714000156

It's all about VALUES

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