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Yoga for Happiness

During schools academic year for school teachers & staff


Doesn’t this statement look promising? We are all by nature filled with joy. Yoga for Happiness will equip you with invincible tools for leading a life of seamless joy. We believe it is important that school teachers & volunteers are also offered opportunities for their own personal inner growth.

The workshop consists of 12 sessions based on timeless wisdom of Bhagavad Gita presented systematically & scientifically with help beautiful audio & visual presentations.



Discover the route to

boundless Happiness


Remain peaceful amidst daunting situations


Impact others  with your evergreen cheerful nature


Gain Inner health and fitness

It's all about your


Duration : As per school demand

Time : 1 hour

When : Weekly once any day as per school convenience* 

Sessions : 12 

To book Yoga for Happiness workshop for your school staff, contact us on 9714000156

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